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Re: Protection for paper jewelry

I read Joyce Jenkins's post with great interest-I have been making
"wearable books"-
amulets and totems that are dimensional-some are books and some are
and I also have been teaching a class in Wearable Books at the Center for=

Book Arts
and elsewhere. I am curious if to see wearable pieces that others are
making...and if
possible to have slides to include in my talks that I give in connection
with the
class? Think about it...
I would be happy to dupe and return the slides to you if you cannot spare=


I have also been making books out of clothing, along with some research
into historic book forms which were often "worn", is how this all began f=
me. =

I use renaissance wax often to stop my pages from sticking. I use acrylic=

paint alot, along with matte and gloss mediums, which I like because they=

are so tough, but the pages can stick. The renaissance wax helps that
tremendously. When things are worn, they have to be much hardier than jus=
regular books. Cords must be stronger, as well as findings tightened--I a=
constantly repairing and replacing. Its part of the learning process

Mimi Schaer


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