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Re: Protection for paper jewelry

One guy locally who does really beautiful origami jewelry (at insanely
low prices last I saw) protects them with lacquer.  I don't know whether
to recommend this, but my mother's crane earrings have lasted 3 or 4
years quite well.  From my own experience lacquering small things, I
would recommend thinning the lacquer to half or one-third thickness
(there is, note, thinner specifically made for lacquer).  If the design
has no pockets to catch pools of the lacquer, you can actually dip them
(TRY IT OUT FIRST on something you don't care much about) and let them
hang dry.  The thin lacquer makes this possible.  I suspect that is what
the local jeweler was doing--of course, this works best with earrings,
which have a convenient wire to hang on while drying.  The main problem
with lacquer is that it is not very flexible, so a thick layer of it may
crack off if the paper gets bent.  But a thin layer, as is possible with
a brush or even with dipping when the mixture itself is thin enough,
will survive much better.


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