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Oak Knoll would like to announce the July publication of the revised and
expanded edition of:

>From Classical Times to the Renaissance
By Stan Knight

The craft of calligraphy has a 2000-year history in the Western world. Up to
the time of the Renaissance, calligraphy was the only means in preserving
literature, and so, it played a vital role in the spread of learning,
culture, and religion. The examples in HISTORICAL SCRIPTS were not
rigidly-fixed "styles"; they represented the high peaks in an endlessly
shifting landscape. Throughout the centuries, styles of writing were
continually being modified and developed in response to a multitude of
influences encompassing political, religious, aesthetic, intellectual,
sociological, and pragmatic changes in the ways that books were made and
scripts were written. The modern calligrapher, typographer, historian, and
anyone interested in western lettering and documents benefits from studying
the methods, skills, and attitudes of generations of historical scribes who
produced such outstanding and accomplished work for so many centuries.

Revised and expanded, HISTORICAL SCRIPTS is an excellent survey of bookhands
with its full-page, enlarged illustrations and solidly researched sources.
It is a useful text for studying the history of manuscripts as well as the
details of letter construction. This work also helps one make judgements
about the technical condition of letter writing and its qualities of rhythm
and movement, possible only when consulting an original manuscript. The
author has gone to considerable lenghts to obtain photographs that are
well-focused and lit so that the tactile qualities of surfaces, ink tone,
and flow are revealed. The author has chosen examples of formal writing that
show a coherent and reasonably consistent relationship between methods of
tool use and letter formation, making the construction of a script much
easier to grasp in practice. He has also made the effort of selecting
writing without idiosyncracies of style.

Stan Knight is an internationally recognized lettering artist and teacher.
He is a faculty member of the Department of Design at Cornish College of
Arts in Seattle, Washington and has taught calligraphy workshops in Britain,
Canada, the United States, and Japan. An acknowledged authority on the
historical aspects of both calligraphy and typography, Mr. Knight has also
written numerous historical articles for scholarly journals worldwide as
well as contributing to books such as THE WORLD'S WRITING SYSTEMS and John
Woodcock's A BOOK OF FORMAL SCRIPTS. He is also a Fellow of the prestigious
Society of Scribes and Illuminators, serving as Chairman from 1979-1982.

1998, hardcover, 9 x 12 inches, illustrated, 112 pages.
ISBN 1-884718-56-6 / ORDER# 52752-N9 / PRICE $39.95 + shipping
Publishing date: July 1998

Order from:

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