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Re: Protection for paper jewelry

In a message dated 7/1/98 9:18:00 AM, Barbara Harmon wrote:
>what is Rennaissance wax?

Renaissance wax is a micro encapsulated wax developed by the British muse=

for treatment of leather bindings. Some years ago, Tim Ely showed me that=

it could be applied directly to pages with acrylic paint to help stop the=
It is available from talas, bookmakers, all the usual places. I can't
remember exactly how much is costs, but although it's not inexpensive, it=

lasts a long time. =

I tend, as is my way, to apply it with my fingers. There is nothing to st=
from using a soft cloth or cotton.

I use many layers of thinned acrylic paint in my work, and have found the=

renaissance wax
to be very helpful, although not 100% perfect, but then what i? I tend
toward matte acrylic, but also use metalics and interferance colors (made=

by golden) which are gloss. I don't have that much expericence with very
thickly painted acrylic pages, but I imagine it would help.

Miriam Schaer

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