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Re: Protection for paper jewelry

We carry Renaissance Wax and other conservation supplies.
Email supplies catalogue on request.

Art Rubino & Co.
Numismatic & Philatelic Arts of Santa Fe
Antiquarian Book Sellers
P.O. Box 9712
Santa Fe, NM 87504  USA
Phone  505 982 8792
Fax      505 982 0291
Email  Art_Rubino@xxxxxxx

In The United Kingdom:
233 Wandsworth Bridge Road
London SW6 2TU
Phone  44 171 731 2919
Fax       44 171 610 6930
Mobile  44 468 301 890
E-mail  Art_Rubino@xxxxxxx
We are always interested in buying fine
used standard references.

In a message dated 7/1/98 9:18:00 AM, Barbara Harmon wrote:
>what is Rennaissance wax?

Renaissance wax is a micro encapsulated wax developed by the
British museumfor treatment of leather bindings. Some years ago,
Tim Ely showed me that it could be applied directly to pages with
Acrylic paint to help stop the m from sticking. available from talas,

bookmakers, all the usual places. I can't remember exactly how
much is costs, but although it's not inexpensive, it lasts a long time.
I tend, as is my way, to apply it with my fingers. There is nothing to
stop you from using a soft cloth or cotton.

I use many layers of thinned acrylic paint in my work, and have found
the renaissance wax to be very helpful, although not 100% perfect, but
then what i? I tend toward matte acrylic, but also use metalics and
interferance colors (made by golden) which are gloss. I don't have that
much expericence with very thickly painted acrylic pages, but I imagine
it would help.

Miriam Schaer

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