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AFTERIMAGES: Reformatting Visual Materials in a Digital World

Afterimages: Reformatting Visual Materials in a Digital World 
Presented by the Northeast Document Conservation Center

September 16, 17 and 18, 1998
At the National Archives and Records Administration
Archives II, College Park, Maryland

The conference is funded by the National Park Service Cultural Resources
Training Initiative and is co-sponsored by the National Archives and
Records Administration.  The Northeast Document Conservation Center is an
organization that receives funding from the National Endowment for the

What is Afterimages?  Afterimages is a course designed to teach managers of
picture collections how to plan and manage projects to reformat endangered
visual materials, including deteriorating cellulose acetate and cellulose
nitrate negatives for both black and white and color images.  Archives,
historical societies, libraries, and museums often hold large collections
of photographs and other visual materials, many of which are fragile or
relatively inaccessible.  Reformatting these images either digitally or
photographically can limit future damage to original images, while
increasing access to them either over the Web or in other publication
forms.  The program includes hands-on experience and will teach skills for:
1. planning and managing reformatting projects for visual materials,
including contracting an outside vendor;
2. selecting and preparing collections for reformatting, including
preservation issues and care and handling;
3. selecting and evaluating copy technologies: including when to make
digital copies and when to make photographic copies;
4. understanding best practices, benchmarks, and quality control for color
and black and white photographs and digital imaging;
5. ensuring sound cost benefit analysis and containment; and
6. managing contracts, and legal issues.

The sessions will introduce photographic duplication options and digital
imaging technologies and compare their commonalties and differences.

Who should attend?  If you are an archivist, curator, historic preservation
specialist, librarian, or other cultural resources manager dealing with
collections including photographic materials, you will be interested in
attending Afterimages.

Who are the faculty?  Karen Brown, Northeast Document Conservation Center;
Joan Gatewood, New York Public Library; David Joyall, Northeast Document
Conservation Center; Melissa Smith Levine, Library of Congress; Richard
Pearce Moses, Heard Museum; Mary Panzer, National Portrait Gallery; Steve
Puglia, National Archives and Records Administration; Andrew Robb, Library
of Congress; Diane Vogt-OConnor, National Park Service.

What does the conference cost? The cost of the conference is $275.00.  All
participants are responsible for their meal, travel, and lodging costs.
The deadline to register is September 1, 1998.  To request a flier and
registration material, contact Gay Tracy, Northeast Document Conservation
Center, 100 Brickstone Square, Andover, MA  01810-1494; (978) 470-1010;

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