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Re: Books elevate the mind?

98.07.03 wrote chax
   Psychedelic mushrooms, the classic hallucinogenic fungus, derive
   their mind-altering properties from the psilocybin and psilocin
   they produce naturally.

   One historic example of this phenomenon, scientists now believe,
   is the madness that prevailed in the late 1600s in Salem, Mass.,
   where ergot, a hallucinogenic fungus, infected the rye crops that
   went into rye bread. Ergot contains lysergic acid, a key compound
   of the hallucinogenic drug LSD. This tiny fungus and its wild
   effects on the rye-bread-eating women may have led to the
   Salem witch trials.

A while ago I heard of a report that claimed people in the Mediter-
ranean regions where chestnut bread was a staple (it was not a
wheat growing area in the Middle Ages) stayed stoned because
chestnut has a similar alkaloid.
Where did I put that reference? Did I hallucinate this?

Cyan >(:

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