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Re: Books elevate the mind?

Cyan Cernwnos wrote:
> 98.07.03 wrote chax
> >>>
>    Psychedelic mushrooms, the classic hallucinogenic fungus, derive
>    their mind-altering properties from the psilocybin and psilocin
>    they produce naturally.
>    One historic example of this phenomenon, scientists now believe,
>    is the madness that prevailed in the late 1600s in Salem, Mass.,
>    where ergot, a hallucinogenic fungus, infected the rye crops that
>    went into rye bread. Ergot contains lysergic acid, a key compound
>    of the hallucinogenic drug LSD. This tiny fungus and its wild
>    effects on the rye-bread-eating women may have led to the
>    Salem witch trials.
> <<<
> A while ago I heard of a report that claimed people in the Mediter-
> ranean regions where chestnut bread was a staple (it was not a
> wheat growing area in the Middle Ages) stayed stoned because
> chestnut has a similar alkaloid.
> Where did I put that reference? Did I hallucinate this?
> Cyan >(:

All these require ingestion of sufficnet fungal mass.  I (PhD mycologist
of >25 years) am not aware of any record of hallucinations secondary to
spore inhalation.

Did Hayes offer specific ref. and info or is this idle speculation?

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