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Re: LA paper, book arts

In a message dated 98-07-05 15:40:14 EDT, you write:

<< I am travelling to Los Angeles this week for a convention, and plan on
 taking Wednesday to venture out of the hotel and do some exploring.  I am
 interested in finding book arts and/or paper exhibits, galleries, supply
 houses, etc. >>


Two ideal destinations are located in the same place--Bergamont Station, an
art complex on Michigan Ave., in Santa Monica. The first is Artworks, a book
arts gallery. It is usually open Thursday through Saturday, but the owner,
Barbara Pascal, will make arrangements, if she is available, to meet you there
by appointment. Contact her at (310) 828-4749. The second place is Hiromi
Papers, 2419 Michigan Ave. (310) 998-0098--exotic handmade papers. There are
many other galleries at Bergamont Station, as well.

Unique papers, as well as supplies, are available at McManus-Morgan, 2506 7th
St., downtown L.A. (213) 387-4433. The small but mighty store has been there
about as long as L.A. itself!

In the design district, across the street from the Pacific Design Center,
Soolip Paperie, 8646 W. Melrose Ave., (310) 360-0545, is a rare and wonderful
treat--distinctive papers, handmade cards, handbound books and gifts, as well
as writing instruments, inks, sealing wax, etc. A wonderful gallery and
friendly curator, Nancy Cahill, is behind the store, as is The Bungalow,
featuring furniture and items for the home--all owned and managed by Grant and
Wanda, a young couple with two small children who creatively integrate their
family and business life.

Also easily within reach of LAX: The University of California at Los Angeles,
(UCLA), houses thousands of artist books. The main library is (310) 825-7143;
ask for the Rare Books Collection, downstairs. Flax, 10852 Lindbrook Ave.,
West L.A. (a few blocks from UCLA), has a huge selection of handmade papers
and artist supplies, as well as an equally large selection of handmade
journals, unique gifts, writing instruments, etc. (213) 272-5351.

If you let me know where you'll be, I can give you exact directions to any of
these places. Los Angeles is a wonderful place. I hope you enjoy your day!

Mary Crest

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