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Re: Ink fading question

Book Lab in Austin, Texas does archival copies- I can't put my hands on their
info at the moment, but they can be reached at
They might know about damage done by light from copiers as well.
Good Luck!

Ron Yost wrote:

> At 09:05 AM 7/6/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >Jenni,
> >
> >        Even though your drawing is not in direct sunlight it may be
> >exposed to too much UV.  I would suggest replacing the glazing with UV
> >blocking plexi-glass.
> Also, is there a way to copy such items without causing further harm??
> I have several childhood drawings done by my nieces that are very dear to
> me and they are fading quickly .. even being kept inside a scrapbook.
> I would think xeroxing them would not be a good idea, though I
> am tempted before they fade into nothingness.
> Thank You!
> Ron Yost, Paso Robles, Calif.

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