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Re: Ink fading question

Thank You everyone for your wonderful suggestions!  The beautiful images
are being copied and mounted as I type!! :)  They are even *better* than
the originals, due to the color and density manipulation possible with
modern photocopiers in the hands of a copying company that *cares* about
quality.  I'd highly recommend "Poor Richard's Press" here in San Luis
Obispo County, CA to anyone.

Suzanne .. one of my dear nieces .. would like copies for her new baby
son .. guess I asked at exactly the right time!!  She called not 10 minutes
after I posted the original question to all of you .. and she knew *nothing*
of what my plans were.  The goodness spirit draws us close once again, huh?

Bless all of you wonderful people! ;c)

Ron Yost, Paso Robles, Calif.

>Why not have color photocopies made on an archival 80# or 90#  hot press
>(perhaps Arches) watercolor paper? You could then double mat them and keep
>unbound prints in a museum quality portfolio.
>Light Impressions (archival supplies) has a free catalog offering many
>possible ideas. (800) 828-6216. FAX: (800) 828-5539.
><www.lightimpressionsdirect.com>  Though my good friend in Wisconsin kids me
>about being on training wheels at operating on the REAL Internet ;-) you
>try this link:
><A HREF="http://www.lightimpressionsdirect.com/";>Light Impressions -- The
>leading resource for...</A>
>Good luck.

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