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Re: Ink fading question


Get the drawing scanned and make duplicates  as soon
as possible.  Put the original away in acid free paper.

Hope this helps

On  5 Jul 98, the dancing digits of Jenni Bick delivered:

Here's a question for the group--I'm embarassed that I don't
know the answer, but its never come up before.

My Grandmother did an ink drawing about 1992 (not too long
ago!) that I have framed, and I recently noticed that it is
fading dramatically. I can imagine in another 6 years it
will be gone. I have the picture framed, but not in a sunny
spot. I know she used an office-supply-type roller ball pen,
on copy paper. The drawing is very special to me, not
valuable in a general sense, and I'd like to halt the
fading. I would like to keep it on display if possible. Is
there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance!

Jenni Bick
The Printed Word Studio

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