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Dartmouth College Book Arts Summer Workshop

There are still several openings available for the following workshop.

Preliminary schedule of events


Typographic-historical consideration of Theodore De Vinne, book artistry, and



Wednesday, 19 August

                2:00-4:00 p.m.    Registration, Librarian's Office, 115 Baker

                 7:30 p.m.      Opening Session, Treasure Room, 111 Baker
                        Welcoming remarks:
                        Margaret A. Otto, Librarian of the College
                        Roderick D. Stinehour, Fellow in the Book Arts
                        Philip N. Cronenwett, Special Collections Librarian

                        Address:  "Theodore Low De Vinne:  Dean of American
                        Irene Tichenor, historian and bibliographer

Thursday, 20 August

                9:00 a.m.       The Tools and Equipment of the Printer
                        John Kristensen and David Wolfe, with Wynne Patterson
and Susan Lee
                        Book Arts Workshop, 23 Baker Library

              10:30 a.m.        Coffee break

              11:00 a.m.        "De Vinne at Dartmouth"
                        Philip N. Cronenwett
                        Treasure Room, 111 Baker Library

          Noon-1:30 p.m.        Dutch treat luncheon on the Terrace, Hanover

               2:00 p.m.        Setting type and printing broadsides, Book Arts
                        John Kristensen and David Wolfe, with Wynne Patterson
and Susan Lee

               3:30 p.m.        Break

             4:00-5:00 p.m.     Continuation of typesetting and printing, Book
Arts Workshop

               6:30 p.m.        Librarian's Dinner, Dartmouth Boat House
                        John Kristensen, historian and printer, will speak on
"Printing in the                        19th-Century"

Friday, 21 August

               9:00 a.m.        Setting type and printing broadsides, Book Arts

             10:15 a.m. Coffee break

         10:45-11:15 a.m.       Exhibition commentary by Stanley W. Brown,
Curator of Rare Books

        11:15 a.m.-Noon Continuation of typesetting and printing, Book Arts

          Noon-1:30 p.m.        Dutch treat luncheon on the Terrace, Hanover

                     2:00 p.m.  Continuation of typesetting and printing, Book
Arts Workshop

               3:15 p.m.        Break

               3:45 p.m.        Continuation of typesetting and printing, Book
Arts Workshop

Saturday, 22 August

              9:00 a.m.         Final session in the workshop, Book Arts

            10:15 a.m.  Coffee break

                   10:45 a.m.   Exhibition of workshop broadsides and
commentary on the workshop
                        Moderated by Roderick D. Stinehour, with David Wolfe,
John                            Kristensen, Wynne Patterson, and Susan Lee,
Treasure Room, 111 Baker                        Library
                        Award of Diplomas and Closing Remarks, Philip N.
There will be an exhibition, "Theodore Low De Vinne and 19th-Century American
mounted in the Main Hall of Baker Library during August and September.
Selected and curated by Stanley W. Brown, Curator of Rare Books.
Designed and mounted by Susan C. Lee, Exhibits Designer.


        Theodore Low De Vinne (1828-1914) was a printer, designer, type
designer, innovator of printing techniques and technology, and an historian of
printing.  Beginning as an apprentice in Newburgh, New York, in 1842, De
Vinne's career spanned an era that saw radical changes in the technology of
printing as well as in taste in design.  As an historian, De Vinne chronicled
these changes as well as studying and writing about the earlier history of the
craft.  The results of his research were published in more than a dozen books
and hundreds of essays.  The type he designed, the Century family, has endured
for more than a hundred years.  In 1911, he said, "I have given the best part
of my life to the making of books that have been sold and read and are not
rated as bits of typographic bric-a-brac."

        Dartmouth's Book Arts Summer Workshop will, within the context of an
intensive examination of printed examples that issued from the De Vinne Press,
undertake a hands-on approach to the actual creation of individual
broadsides--broadsides based, in their design and their execution, on the
program's particular focus upon Theodore De Vinne and the De Vinne Press.  Each
participant will, through instruction and guidance provided by the workshop
staff, prepare such a printed piece, utilizing foundry types, handmade papers,
and hand presses.  In addition to this craft activity, there will be
interaction with historical and bibliographical scholars, variously focusing on
special aspects of the work of De Vinne and that of certain other designers and

        Attendance will be limited to twenty individuals.  The workshop is
intended for college students, librarians, book collectors, bibliographers,
literary scholars, and graphic artists who wish to acquire a better, more
detailed understanding of the practice and the accomplishments of printing done
by handcraft means.


The Book Arts Summer Workshop was developed by Roderick Stinehour, a renowned
book printer, designer, and founder of The Stinehour Press.  Mr. Stinehour is a
1950 graduate of Dartmouth College.  For this summer program the faculty will
consist of Mr. Stinehour and:

        *STANLEY W. BROWN, Curator of Rare Books, Dartmouth College, as a
scholar         in rare books has developed a specialized interest in modern
fine printing;

        *PHILIP N. CRONENWETT, Special Collections Librarian, Dartmouth
College, is a scholar in the early history of the book;

        *JOHN KRISTENSEN, proprietor of the Firefly Press in Somerville,
Massachusetts, has been a successful letterpress printer since his
undergraduate days at Cornell University and is a collector and lecturer in
the history of American printing;

        *SUSAN C. LEE, Exhibits Designer, Dartmouth College, is a book designer
and     printer noted for her innovative concepts and designs;

        *WYNNE PATTERSON, is a book designer whose fascination with
typography began in elementary school where she first set and printed   metal
type.  A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she later
received her MFA from Yale University's Graphic Design Program;

        *IRENE TICHENOR, Director of Library and Information Resources at SUNY
College at Old Westbury, focused her doctoral work at Columbia  University on
American printing history and, specifically, Theodore De        Vinne and his
leadership in the printing industry; and

        *DAVID WOLFE, a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, is
proprietor of Atelier 44, a letterpress and printmaking workshop.  He has
taught at Dartmouth, Wellesley, and Maine College of Art.  He is currently
employed at The Ascensius Press.


The Book Arts Summer Workshop tuition is $435.  This fee covers instructional
materials and all scheduled events, including dinner on Thursday evening.
Other meals, accommodations, parking, and exercise facilities are not included
in this fee but are available at reasonable cost.  Early application is
recommended, as enrollment is limited.  A deposit of $100 is required to secure
a position and is refundable up to 13 July.  The deadline for receiving
applications is 6 July.  A reading list and other information will be mailed to
each participant in advance of the workshop.  For further information, contact:

Book Arts Summer Workshop
Dartmouth College Library
115 Baker Library
Hanover, New Hampshire  03755-3525

TEL.  603-646-2236
FAX.  603-646-3702
E-MAIL.  phil.cronenwett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

        "It is one notable feature of the history of printing, that a large
portion of those who have successfully prosecuted the art have been celebrated
for their superior knowledge of and attention to press-work. It is too much the
habit of apprentices to devote their attention exclusively to composition, and
as a consequence compositors are usually plentiful and good pressmen are
comparatively scarce.  All the money and labor spent in purchasing fonts of
letter, and in setting up type correctly and elegantly, is well-nigh useless if
bad press-work marks the product of the type foundry and the composing-room.
The work that is well  balanced in all its parts is a delight to the eye."
                                --from Roman and Italic Printing Types  (1891)

Registration Application




TELEPHONE (home)______________________________(work)________________________


The Book Arts Summer Workshop fee is $435, which covers instruction, materials,
and all scheduled events.

Rooms at the Norwich Inn may be had at the rate of $99 a night.  Executive
dormitory rooms, with air conditioning and connecting baths, are available at
$29 a night.

Please indicate your preference:

Norwich Inn_____single_____double

College executive dormitory______single_____double

I do not require campus accommodations_____

A registration fee of $100 must accompany this application in order to secure
consideration; it is refundable up to 13 July.  Early application is
recommended, as participation in the program is limited.  The deadline for
applications is 6 July.

Applications should be accompanied by the $100 refundable registration fee and
sent to:
Book Arts Summer Workshop,  115 Baker Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

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