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Thoreau's "The Maine Woods"

I couldn't resist passing this along (see below), as both a great lover of
Thoreau's writings and a lover of fine book design/typography. I haven't
seen the book, but can well imagine it -- and can only weep. :`)``

Also, if you haven't seen the Wilsey Rare Books web site (their URL is at
the end of the forwarded message below), I do recommend that you do so and
check out the gallery section, it has many wonderful examples of some
really beautiful work (and no, I don't work for them<g>).

Ron :)

PS. Anybody have $1500 they don't need?<g> ;)

>(ASCENSIUS PRESS). Thoreau, Henry David. The Maine Woods. The Ascensius
>Press, Portland ME, 1998. One of only 50 copies published. 32 cm., bound
>in full green goatskin, blind-stamped rules on side, spine in gilt,
>binding by Gray Parrot. 238 pp., set in Linotype Bulmer, illustrated with
>5 pen and ink illustrations drawn by Jon Luoma, printed from line blocks.
>The paper is hand-made by McGregor & Vinzaini. The publication is slipcased
>in a box made from Maine white pine.
>       This magnificent book, printed and published by the Ascensius Press,
>will be the most typographicaly elaborate edition of a work by Thoreau
>published to date. We previewed an especially prepared copy earlier this
>year and can attest to the fact that this will be a magnificent example of
>American bookmaking. The edition is already part sold, though no prospectus
>has yet been prepared, and we anticipate that the entire edition will go
>out of print quickly. At publication price.
>       $1500.00
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>                       http://www.clark.net/pub/wilsey
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