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Book storage

Friends, I need helpful advice.

I'm getting ready to dispose of a good bit of my non-book-arts library.
The plan was to keep the top "investment quality" items and insure them.
To that end I have selected 86 books and documents, had them appraised, and
submitted them to the insurance industry.  The initial quote was reasonable
but I live in the country and when all was said and done only one company
would even consider the coverage and the annual premium was nearly 10% of
the total value----exhorbitant and beyond my means.

SO,  I want to store these items in safe deposit boxes which I can do for
about 10% of the cost of insurance.  It's not insurance, of course, but it
reduces the risk of fire or theft to a level I can live with.

My question is how should the books  be prepared for this? Wrapped? Any
insect protection?  The vault is low humidity and reasonably stable

Frankly, I'm not happy at having to do this but these items represent a
substantial asset (relative to my modest means) and I have to protect them
for my progeny.  Advice and sources of information will be deeply
appreciated by at least 3 generations of Lanhams.

Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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