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Re: Cuban Book Artists, one more time

No problem, except you have to click on another link. The complete, direct
URL is <http://milton.mse.jhu.edu:8001/library/pres/vigia/index.html>. It's
quite nicely done and well worth the trip.


At 06:46 PM 7/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I couldn't get to this website using the link below.  Did anyone else
>have success?
>From:   Jeanne Drewes[SMTP:jdrewes@xxxxxxx]
>Sent:   Wednesday, July 08, 1998 7:46 AM
>To:     BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject:        Cuban Book Artists, one more time
>There have been several discussions on this list about a group of book
>artists in Cuba named Ediciones Vigia.  Contributions were taken to them
>in May.  Both Bob Muens and I sent out messages about them.  I promised to
>mount images of some of the covers on my website and have only now been
>able to accomplish that.  You can view this very small selection at
>I quote a paragraph from an interview with the director of the group taken
>from "Bridges to Cuba" edited by Ruth Behar.  Ruth is trying to arrange a
>visit to the United States for several members of this group in the fall
>of this year.
>Erin Loftus and I will do a talk and presentation about the
>group at the Potomac Chapter of the Guild of BookWorkers in September.
>Erin, a conservator in the DC area, was also in Cuba in May and visited
>Matanzas with me.
>I am also working with a number of people to do translations so that these
>books can be shared with a broader audience.
>If you are interested in contributing to another shipment of
>materials, please contact
>me or Bob Muens.
>Jeanne Drewes
>Preservation Department                         voice  410 516 5486
>Milton S. Eisenhower Library                    fax    410 516 4355
>Johns Hopkins University
>3400 N. Charles Street                              jdrewes@xxxxxxx
>Baltimore, MD  21218

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