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Contributions for Cuban institutions

My apologies to people who receive this message more than once.

In May I had the opportunity to speak at a conference in Cuba and to
visit a number of institutions to survey their preservation needs.  The
needs are very great, in all cases there is a shortage of materials and
equipment.  I also visited a wonderful book artists coop and have a
small sample of their books linked to my web page.  I trying to assist
the various insitutions and people who I had the opportunity to meet.
These institutions include the National Archives, the regional Archives
in Matanzas, The University of Havana Library School and university
library, the Hemingway Museum, and a number of museums in the city of
Havana which are part of the City Historian's office including
archeology, history and literature.

I have already been able to send some materials but am working to send a
more substantial shipment via the proper licensing that is required by
our government.  I am also raising funds to provide additional training
which is also badly needed.

I have created a list of materials that would be useful for the various
Cuban instituitons which I visited in May 1998.  The list is on the web
and can be reached from my page


or directly at:


I have a wonderful opportunity to send materials and equipment in August
of this year nearly for free.  I have already submitted the license for
materials to be sent so everything is legal with the government and I
have the appropriate people to receive the materials in Cuba so that the
materials really go to the insitutions.  The only catch is that I have
to have everything by July 31.  Anyone who is intersted in contributing
please send materials and equipment to me at the address below as soon
as possible.  Any materials received after that date will still go to
Cuba, but I will have to raise money for transport.  Please contact me
if you have questions. And thank you in advance for any help you

Jeanne Drewes
Preservation Department                 voice 410 516 5486
Milton S. Eisenhower Library    NEW NEW!! fax 410 516 4355
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street          jdrewes@xxxxxxx
Baltimore, MD 21218

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