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Re: Book storage

        There is one major flaw in this plan.  As someone noted, "Banks
also have mice" and insects, leaky pipes, mold spores, etc.  One of the most
important tactics for safe storage of collections is frequent inspection.
I tell all of my clients that the most important thing they can do is to
inspect their materials as frequently as possible.  That way if mold,
insects or munching mice are present you can deal with it before it
goes any further.  I tell them that the last thing they should do it put
books in a box in the back of the closet.  There they are forgotten.  I
wouldn't trust my books to a bank.  Book storage is not their business.
I also wonder what might be in the safe deposit boxes next to yours?
You (and the bank) have no control over what may go into the boxes and
may be forgotten for years.


BO>At 09:25 AM 7/9/98 UT, you wrote:
BO>>86 books, from a quantity point of view, are almost nothing.
BO>>From a value perspective, that is a different matter.
BO>>Inert mylar plastic bags, left open at the top, will protect them
BO>>from rubbing and most of the ambient dust.

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