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Re: Cuban Book Artists, one more time

I had no problems - just clicked on the htm address and moved right along
to the webpage.

the book is beautiful - wonderful looking paper!  I was hoping to see a
description of what they used in their paper, but there didn't seem to be
one.  Did I miss it or perhaps Jeanne Drewes could tell us?


Colette Vosberg

> From: Kim Nickens <nickinpa@xxxxxxx>
> I couldn't get to this website using the link below.  Did anyone else
> have success?

> ----------
> From:   Jeanne Drewes[SMTP:jdrewes@xxxxxxx]
> Subject:        Cuban Book Artists, one more time
> http://milton.mse.jhu.edu:8001/library/pres/jeanne.htm

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