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Re: [scanning vs colour copies]

I use a scanner and printer (both on the medium scale of price) and
get amazing results.  You do need more than 32 meg of ram.  What makes
the difference is the paper.  I am experimenting with glossy inkjet
paper right now and get really wonderful maps and photos that I have
pulled off the internet.  I also am scanning old (1920's-1940's)
photos of my family and am able to touch them up as well.  I have been
able to erase water spots, tears, and dirt spots from the pictures.
At work I have Adobe Photoshop and believe it is the best software
around (and also expensive), but you can get a copy of Paint Shop Pro
free on the internet and do the same things.  To scan the printed
word, you need optical recognition software (OCR).  You can also
obtain shareware on the internet to do this job.  For a few hours to
learn and play with the software, a $100 scanner and a $250 printer,
you are set.  Good luck.

Judy Jackson
Salt Lake City, Utah  (and boy is it hot and dry all of a sudden after
such a wonderful cool and wet spring!)

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