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Re: Cuban Book Artists, one more time


        The paper that Ediciones Vigia uses in their books is mostly
supplied by the government.  They receive it in huge rolls that they
then cut up to the required size. It was described to me as being made up of
industrial waste.  Recycled.  It contains a good deal of sugar cane fiber
that is the waste by-product which remains after making rum, etc.  It
reminds me most of the paper used in making paper grocery bags only with
more chunky bits.  Smooth enough to mimeograph on though.  It does come
in a variety of colors and varying degrees of refinement but most is a
reddish brown.  Although I haven't tested it, it is almost certainly
very acidic.


BO>the book is beautiful - wonderful looking paper!  I was hoping to see a
BO>description of what they used in their paper, but there didn't seem to be
BO>one.  Did I miss it or perhaps Jeanne Drewes could tell us?


BO>Colette Vosberg

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