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Re: [scanning vs colour copies]

and please let's not under-estimate the quality of a drum scan...super high

they are amazing...

and perhaps it's best to make technology work FOR you and not work AGAINST

>At 10:35 09/07/98 -0500, Janet L. Meyer-Borders wrote:
>>I laugh when I hear that someone might even consider
>>a scanner, printer, and software to reproduce art.
>That's odd, because my sister does it all the time! She scans stuff on her
>$600 scanner, prints it out on her $1000 printer, and it looks just
>*amazing* -- just picture-perfect! -- and that's what she sells to her
>customers and that they happily pay for.
>So I don't know...
>Ron :/
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>                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?
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