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Senior Library Bookmender Position at UCSF - part-time

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Date: 7 Jul 98
From: Paul J. Wakeford <wakeford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Position at UCSF

Library & Center for Knowledge Management
Senior Library Bookmender, 50%
Twenty hours per week, flexible schedule, $13.40 per hour

Duties include: Specification of appropriate treatment for material
received into the unit, sorting items and assigning treatment
categories for in-house treatment or for work at the University
Bindery. Binding repair including removal of bindings, preparation
of textblocks for application of new cases, sewing textblocks,
repair of broken sewing, signature and side, recasing, fan binding
new spines, making and repairing hinges; minor treatments including
tipping-in replacement leaves and inserting pockets; paper
treatments including dry cleaning, repairs using paste, Japanese
tissue and heat set tissue, guarding folds, filling lacunae;
protective enclosures including pamphlet casing, phase boxes,
wrappers; rare book sewing and leather care.  Environmental
monitoring including use and maintenance of recording
hygrothermographs and aspirating psychrometer.  Emergency procedures
including preparing wet materials for freezing and air drying wet
materials; laboratory procedures including paste making, inventory
control and clean-up.

Several years experience required, preferably in a library setting.
Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel desirable.


    Paul J. Wakeford
    Coordinator of Resources Management / Preservation Officer
    UCSF Library
    530 Parnassus Avenue
    San Francisco CA 94143-0840
    Fax: 415-476-4653.

Paul J. Wakeford

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