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Re: Bright Idea File

Richard McCoy wrote:

> Considering all the misfired replys and malplaced "unsuscribe" messages
> sent to this list, maybe our fine host could arrange some sort of entrance
> exam before allowing folks to join up.  Or, beter yet, a penalty system
> that rivals your local government's parking ticket program.  Nothing too
> nasty.

I'm afraid one of those unsubscribes is my fault:  I signed up when I was
sharing an account with my husband (Carl G. Denneson) and after I got my own
account,  I didn't get around to unsubscribing him,  which I intended to do
but never quite did -- leaving him to his own devices -- don't be too cruel to
him,  k?  (You may throw rotten tomatoes at me if you like)

Laura <your local resident list lurker>

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