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PBI Call for proposals

The directors of "Paper and Book Intensive" (PBI) are taking proposals fo=
r=0Aclasses in all fields for both 1999 and future years.

Paper & Book Intensive, a concentrated working session for practitioners =
and=0Aserious students in conservation, papermaking, and the book arts is=
 going into=0Ait's 16th. year. Daily class sessions are combined with dis=
cussions, lectures,=0Aand shared meals to promote high levels of creative=
 exchange and inspiration=0Aboth within and among the classes. PBI=92s pr=
ogram is divided into two four-day=0Asessions, with five instructors and =
workshops in each.  Classes are limited to=0A10-12 participants.   Sessio=
n I consists of 1/2-day classes, that is, each=0Ainstructor teaches a mor=
ning group and an afternoon group over a four-day=0Aperiod, with each cla=
ss session lasting three hours and covering the same=0Amaterial for both =
the morning and the afternoon.  Session II will also be four=0Adays long,=
 but instructors will meet with only one group of 10-12 participants=0Afo=
r the full four days (six hours each day).  Session II will be devoted to=
=0Aworkshops whose subject matter demands long periods of uninterrupted w=
ork-=0Atime, whereas Session I will consist of classes whose concepts or =
projects=0Alend themselves to shorter work periods with time for thinking=
 or independent=0Awork in between.

For more information on PBI, the 1998 session is covered on it's own home=
 page=0Aat    http://www.slis.ua.edu/pbi.html

Next year (1999) PBI will be held at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts i=
n=0ADeer Isle, Maine, during the first weeks of May.

Proposals should contain a full class description, along with a possible =
list=0Aof specialized class supplies and appropriate equipment, and your =

Please send you proposals immediately to:
William Drendel
PBI Co-Director
747 N. Wabash #302
Chicago, Il. 60611

If you have questions, please contact me directly (OFF LIST)=0A

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