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Re: Bright Idea File

Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

> Well the entrance exam is getting on. I don't subscribe anyone anymore. As
> to getting off. If contacted with a valid request, such as changed address
> I'll deal with it. The FAQ is on the web and I sent out a copy last
> week.... to everyone.

> I don't subscribe anyone anymore. !!!!!????

Does that really mean *no one* ??? It's as if everybody flunked before
even passing the exam, isn't it ?

I, for one, would think it's a pity... I've been trying for a while to
get some very brilliant book artists, bookbinders and fine printers in
joining the list, thinking they would add even more substance to an
already remarkable mailing list. If people like this were to be kept out
on account of a few recurring mistakes, I feel it would be like cutting
off our oxygen line.

I've been trying to play along all the rules since I have subscribed,
but can understand that some people might have a tougher time than me at
understanding the Web as a medium. At the risk of being myself cut off
in retaliation (...!), I would advise that the list should stay a bit
more tolerant than is suggested here.

By the way, I too am somewhat pissed off at all these mal-à-propos
postings. But there is a *delete* button that does a great job at
getting rid of these, and I've learned to use it... It's just sorry that
our moderator Peter Verheyen is the one that gets stuck dealing with
this problem all the time !

Pierre Rastoul

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