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Re: Kraft paper (was Sugar Cane paper--is it acidi


        I just want to be clear about my comment concerning the recycled paper
used at Ediciones Vigia.  I was saying that it LOOKED like the paper
used in grocery bags.  Jake's comment that it may not be acidic (judged
only by appearance) is indeed correct.  Until it's tested we don't really
know.  So I guess I better test it, huh?


BO>>>         The paper that Ediciones Vigia uses in their books is mostly
BO>>> supplied by the government.  They receive it in huge rolls that they
BO>>> then cut up to the required size. It was described to me as being made
BO>up of
BO>>> industrial waste.  Recycled.  It contains a good deal of sugar cane fiber
BO>>> that is the waste by-product which remains after making rum, etc.  It
BO>>> reminds me most of the paper used in making paper grocery bags only with
BO>>> more chunky bits....
BO>>> Bob

BO>Yes, Bob, the Kraft paper we use for grocery bags, wrapping paper
BO>corrugated boxes, etc. is highly acidic.  Not only that, it has very little
BO>wet strength.  I can't imagine it's holding up in hot, humid climates.


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