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Re: papercase bindings

Papercase bindings, as far as I understand, are the paper versions of
the 16th century limp vellum structure. The limp vellum structures were
found the most protective for the text block during the flood in
Florence and are quite fascinating and beautiful. They are not easy to
make due to the nature of vellum and the complexity of leather/alum taw
linings, double-flexible sewing, lacing and closures. The papercase
structure can get as complicated as the limp vellum one (double-flexible
sewing, lacing, alum taw linings, closures), or it can be done as a
simple case binding with very little adhesion. One can go fancy.
There is a great potential that lies in papercase structure and I simply
think that most people are unfamiliar with the concept of it.
If I only had time (let alone money) I would take Dorothy's class
without any doubts.


Irina Gorstein

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