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Re: papercase bindings

At 08:36 AM 7/14/98 -0400, Irina A. Gorstein wrote:
>Papercase bindings, as far as I understand, are the paper versions of
>the 16th century limp vellum structure. The limp vellum structures were
>found the most protective for the text block during the flood in
>Florence and are quite fascinating and beautiful....

Thank you, Irina, for your most informative description of papercase
bindings.  I had never come across the term and didn't know if it was
"paper casebinding", "paper case binding", or what.  I echo Jane Brown's
sentiments; I'd take Dorothy's class in a minute were it not for a lack of
time and money.

Can you suggest a book I can consult to learn more about papercase binding

Betty Storz    storz@xxxxxxx
>Irina Gorstein

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