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Re: papercase??

  My thanks to all of you who have responded to my posting to this list
about papercase binding.  I appreciate all your comments.  By way of
thanks, I pass on a word about Michele Cloonan's book, "Early Bindings
in Paper: a brief history of European hand-made paper-covered books with
a multilingual glossary", Boston: G.K. Hall, 199l.  I ordered this book
in preparation for the course I will be teaching.  It is still available
from MacMillan (Hall is a division of MacMillan) for $40 plus shipping,
etc.  The lady I spoke with there said they had a "limited number" of
copies left.  I didn't ask her to elaborate, but if you've been
intending to order this book and haven't gotten around to it, perhaps
you should do it now.  If you are using a credit card, you can place an
order with MacMillan through its 800 numbers, 800-223-2336 or 2348
  Dorothy Africa

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