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Becoming Light

My apologies to those who couldn't find "Becoming Light." I had linked it
only from the bottom of the "Inventing Memory" page, but it's now also at
the "featured work" link on the home page with a thumbnail button. The
direct URL is:


Thank you for your interest in my work. I just took a look at the site
stats, and between the time I posted the update to this list (12:15 pm
yesterday) and now (12:05 pm), about 24 hours, there were 5,653 file
requests (that includes all gifs, jpegs, & html), and over 37 mb of data
transferred! That's the highest 24 hour interest this year, and this list is
the only notice I have yet made about this update.

Average Requests Received Daily                     885
Average Bytes Transmitted Daily                 5404278

On April 8, there were 15.8 mb transferred, with 1,861 files requested. that
was the next highest demand this year.


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