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Re: clam shell book case with ribbon/tape thru spine

Jan Sapp wrote:
> I have admired a clam shell book case that when it opens, pops up a
> miniature book from the 'spine'.  The tape/ribbon that pops the book up is
> fastened in a way that I cannot see.  As I have not had the opportunity to
> look closely at this binding, nor find instructions on how to make this
> book, I was wondering if someone recognizes this binding and can guide me to
> the directions for making it?
> I have been visiting the 'sites' and find them interesting--many are quite
> beautiful.  What a delightful armchair visit!
> Thanks for your help.  jansapp@xxxxxxx

That neat litle Trick was developed by Hugo Peller in Switzerland if my
memory doesn't fail me.
The Ribbon runs through slots cut in the sides of the slipcase, which is
mounted inside a clampshellcase. The ends of the Ribbon are fastened to
the Clampshellcaseboards inside. When you open the clampshellcase, the
ribbon straightens out and lift's the book out of the slipcase.

charles mohr

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