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Lifting bookplates, etc.

I'm looking for an easy way to "peel" or lift bookplates (to be reused in
a new binding or simply to remove) from the pastedown/endpaper and was
wondering what you all use?  At the library where I work, we used to have
a Japanese product called "PEEL."  Has anyone out there heard of it???
"PEEL" came in a small plastic white bottle, almost pear-shaped.  It was
a clear liquid that you rubbed onto the surface of the bookplate (or
whatever needed to be removed).  Then you waited a few minutes and
carefully peeled it off.  The problem with "PEEL" was that it didn't work
very well.  Furthermore, we have no idea where to get more and we don't
know what it was made of.  I suspect it has some kind of alcohol in it
because it dried extremely fast!  Any suggestions or secrets you can
offer would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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