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Dewey Classification System on-line


The only thing I could find is the Dewey Decimal Classification home page at
www.oclc.org/fp/ .  This site only offers the digits up to the decimal point,
but the DDC manuals are copyrighted, I believe, not public domain, and
therefore if on the web are probably pirated.  You can buy a DDC for Windows
at the above site, however.

There may certainly be one out there that I didn't find, but it would be an
incredible amount of work to convert it to electronic format, and it's
probably a document of limited public interest.  I suppose someone might have
bought the DDC for Windows and put it on the Web from there.

I guess if I were you, I'd go to the library and look at their copy, if no one
here comes up with anything better.  The library should have one available to
the public.

If anyone has found anything different,  I'd be interested in the info!

Melissa Gray,

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