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Re: Lifting bookplates, etc.

>Water works great in many circumstances to remove bookplates.  Float them
>off unless the ink runs, but pencil and many inks are not effected.  Dab
>water (with out rubbing) on to the plate and wait for it to separate or
>submerse the board or page and it will float away and let it dry in blotting
>paper and all is well............................

>>I'm looking for an easy way to "peel" or lift bookplates (to be reused in
>>a new binding or simply to remove) from the pastedown/endpaper and was
>>wondering what you all use?  At the library where I work, we used to have

I have lifted a number of plates in restoring/rebinding.   The water method
above certainly works for the older plates which were pasted on 100+ years ago
(some modern plates have modern adhesives so other techniques would be
needed).  I have also tried a jet of steam from a kettle which must be done
with care, but is fast acting.  Where the plates are lifted from the boards in
situ then there is a tendency for discoloration to leach through from the
boards and leave a water mark.  If the boards are to be replaced then
immersion to float off the plate is normally straightforward and there is less
chance of staining.

Rodney Fry
Crowthorne, UK.
<rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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