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If you are referring to the pages, Gaylord sells them in packages of varying
thicknesses and sizes in both creme, blue/grey, and black. The stock for
both is acid-free and unbuffered (buffering can cause damage to color

If you're referring to the actual binder mechanism, that is not something we
sell though TALAS does seem to have several styles in their catalog.

I hope this helps.


>I was wondering if anyone knew a place I could buy just this insides of
>archival photo albums in bulk.  I want to cover them with various materials
>and put more energy into that aspect rather then the insides.  I know
>someone who bought 1000 from a Italian Co. several years ago but they have
>lost the name.  Any ideas?
>Mary Rose

Peter D. Verheyen
Archival Product Development Manager / Conservator
Gaylord Brothers
315.457.5070, ext.203
315.451.4760 <fax>

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