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Re: Lifting bookplates, etc.

Renee Chin wrote:
> I'm looking for an easy way to "peel" or lift bookplates (to be reused in
> a new binding or simply to remove) from the pastedown/endpaper and was
> wondering what you all use?  At the library where I work, we used to have
> a Japanese product called "PEEL."  Has anyone out there heard of it???
> "PEEL" came in a small plastic white bottle, almost pear-shaped.  It was
> a clear liquid that you rubbed onto the surface of the bookplate (or
> whatever needed to be removed).  Then you waited a few minutes and
> carefully peeled it off.  The problem with "PEEL" was that it didn't work
> very well.  Furthermore, we have no idea where to get more and we don't
> know what it was made of.  I suspect it has some kind of alcohol in it
> because it dried extremely fast!  Any suggestions or secrets you can
> offer would be much appreciated!
> Thank you in advance!
> Renee
> renchin@xxxxxxxx
Simply try Lighterfluid (Naphta).

charles mohr

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