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Re: Mounting pages

At 07:38 AM 7/16/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Light Impressions is a good place for archival photos unfortunately I sent
>the catalog out and have never seen it again.
>I was wondering if anyone knew a place I could buy just this insides of
>archival photo albums in bulk.  I want to cover them with various materials
>and put more energy into that aspect rather then the insides.  I know
>someone who bought 1000 from a Italian Co. several years ago but they have
>lost the name.  Any ideas?
>Mary Rose

Both Gaylord and University Products carry archival mounting pages for
refills or for using in your special binder.

Gaylord:  1-800-448-6160(order)   Canada: 1-800-5854
          1-800-634-6307(ask for Archival catalog}

University Products: 1-800-628-1912 (0rder)
                     1-800-762-1165 (catalog)

These pages are usally sold in packs of 10-50 sheets, in standard or
oversize sizes.


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