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WSR: The Life of Edward the Confessor (fwd)

I'm forwarding this message to everyone. My apologies if some of you have
already seen this.
Some time ago, someone sent in a URL for the newsletter at Cambridge about
Edward the the Confessor. Here is the address for the manuscript online.

Beth Priestley

>Today's site comes from The Scout Report, June 5th issue:
>The Life of Edward the Confessor
>Cambridge University library has recently made available online "the only
>copy of a thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman, illuminated Life of St. Edward
>the Confessor".  The manuscript, written in the 1230s or 40s and executed
>in the 1250s or 60s, is well-preserved, and its new availability should be
>a boon for medievalists.  Cambridge's site allows users to page through all
>37 folios, beginning with the first, or to obtain descriptions of each
>folio and view them selectively.  Users can zoom in on all or part of a
>page or view pages side-by-side.  The site also includes a brief
>introduction to the manuscript and suggestions for further reading.
>The Web Site Report is provided by the LTC as a special feature of ped-tech.
>Charlene Douglas
>Learning Technology Center
>email:  douglasc@xxxxxxx

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