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Donations for Cuban Archives, Museums and Libraries

I have had several queries about donations of money since I posted my
request for supplies for the Cuban Archives.  I have created an account so
that any money donations will be tax deductible.  Anyone wishing to
donate money for the purchase of supplies and materials for Cuban
institutions please send me a check made out to "Johns Hopkins
University." You will receive a letter of acknowledgement for tax
purposes.  I learned last week that the shipment for Cuba will not leave
until mid to late August so there is still time for you to make a
contribution. I will purchase supplies that are not donating and several
supplies who will provide the materials at cost.

I have updated the list of needed materials and equipment on my web page

at  http://milton.mse.jhu.edu:8001/library/pres/supplies.html

You can view the Cuban bookartists books from links on


If you have questions please call me.  Send donations of supplies and
equipment to me at the address below.  Thanks to everyone who has already

Jeanne Drewes
Preservation Department                         voice  410 516 5486
Milton S. Eisenhower Library                    fax    410 516 4355
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street                              jdrewes@xxxxxxx
Baltimore, MD  21218


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