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Cultural 'Robin Hoods' in book raid

Cultural 'Robin Hoods' in book raid

ITALIAN police said yesterday that they were baffled by the theft of
100,000 school and university textbooks, including Greek and Latin
primers, in a "military-style raid" on a book depot in Turin. Police
said a dozen armed men dressed in black had held up staff at a
warehouse beonging to the Loescher publishing house, founded in 1867
and specialising in classical textbooks.
The ten staff at the depot were held at gunpoint for two hours while
the robbers loaded three articulated lorries with Latin and Greek
dictionaries and standard school texts on history and geography. The
books had been packed in cartons ready for distribution to schools and
universities during the summer, before the start of the academic term
in September.
"We are the Robin Hoods of culture," the robbers announced as they
left. "We are stealing books to give them to less fortunate Italians".
Riccardo Botrini, head of Loescher, said he believed the theft was
"the first of its kind". La Stampa said that in an age of electronic
multimedia it was "encouraging that some people think books were worth
stealing at all".

(Times of London)


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