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Re: Printing on eggshells

One way to print on eggshells is to use a nonsilver based photographic
emulsion called Liquid Light. You'll need a photographic negative (or
perhaps a color laser xerox onto acetate will work if the copy
machine creates a dense image [color copiers are denser than black and
white copiers] and a photographic darkroom. Briefly, after
preparing the emulsion per the package directions, you brush it on the
eggshell and let it dry in a darkroom.  Your eggshell
will then be photographically sensitive and can be used as a receptor
surface for your negative image projected as usual through a photographic
enlarger onto that surface.  Downsides are that Liquid Light is finicky
and hard to control, as well as fairly expensive.

Another way to go would be to print lines of type from your computer onto
adhesive backed transparencies that are made for laser printers and ink
jet printers, cut that up and stick it on the eggs.  Downsides are that
the adhesive may not stick well to the egg surface.  Be sure to get the
kind of transparencies made for your sort of printer or you might cause a
melt down.

Janet F. Kabili
Web designer; photographer; artist

URL's: http://ucsub.colorado.edu/~kabili
Email: kabili@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fax  : on request

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