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Re: Printing on eggshells

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998 00:39:37 -0400 KRAMER/KIESNERS
<wspace@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>I wonder if anyone can think of a way to transfer text to an eggshell?

It depends on how much text you have, but have you tried the
rub-on letters available at art supply shops?  Before PCs, we
used to use them for graphic art work.  They come in all
different sizes - although I'm not sure if any would be small
enough to put on an egg; here, again, that depends upon the size
of the egg (chicken? duck? goose? ostrich?). If this works, you
*might* be able to just spray the finished printing with a
fixative such as Krylon, or could dip a pin or toothpick in
India ink (or whatever) and write over the rub-on letter.

Good luck!


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