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Re: Printing on eggshells

A method a bit similar to the one Elsa Wachs posted would be to use gel
medium (non toxic). After making a reverse copy of the text, paint about 5
thin layers of the clear acrylic gel on the toner side of the copy. (Let
the medium set up slightly inbetween layers--too thick and the result will
not be as transparent).

  When dry, you could (1.) float the paper in a container of warm water
and gently rub the paper off with you fingers, ending up with a
transparent acrylic "skin" holding the toner text which could then be
attached to the egg with more gel. Edges can tear and roll over on
themselves in interesting ways.

  or (2.)
  This works on paper--have never attempted a curved surface, but where
there's a will there's a way...
  At the last application of gel over the area of text, attach the wet
area to the egg (the gel will "glue" it on). When it is dry, likewise soak
the paper off with warm water.
  (If this were a paper transfer/print--western pm papers preferable--
you'd use a sponge to gently wet the toner area (still using your fingers,
primarily, to remove the paper) w/o having to wet the printmaking paper to
which the transfer was attached. (--avoiding the need to run it thorough
a press to flatten back out again)
  If all the paper fibers don't release from the toner, you might want to
buff a little gel over the surface with your finger. The toner transfer
will be shiny, as opposed to oil or solvent transers.)
  This method may work with laser prints (I never tried) as well as it
does with color or b&w Xerox etc. copies, but I don't imagine ink jet
originals, due to the use of water, would.



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