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In a message dated 98-07-20 23:29:12 EDT, you write:

<< A friend suggested Jade, claiming it  contained no formaldehyde. I've tried
it but find it terrible to work with.  It doesn't spread well, dries the
second I put it in the board, and once I get something covered  the gluelines
show through the bookcloth.  >>

Hi Stephanie,

Have you tried thinning the Jade with a little water?

It's true that cold temperature affects the Jade, so if you live in a cold
climate and were trying to work with it in an exceptionally cold room, that
may have been the problem. In fact, it cannot even be shipped during the
winter. My supplier here in L.A. can't get shipments until after the winter.

Also, regarding it showing through bookcloth: I use an old credit card as a
'squeegee' when gluing small areas to make an even film of glue. When covering
large areas, I use the small 3" paint roller that comes in it's own disposable
plastic pan. You can find them at hardware or paint stores, as well as Home
Depot, Home Base, etc. (California)

I have been using Jade 403 almost exclusively for five years, with the
exception of the winter I ran out--that's when I found out that McManus &
Morgan couldn't get it shipped until April!


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