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Re: Printing on eggshells - setting type

Jane Seaton wrote:
> I saw a 'make your own stamp' set in the British office supplies store
> Staples only a couple of weeks ago, so they are available. I imagine
> you could mount the letters in blu-tac on card to get the curve you'd
> need. I don't know if the soft rubber would stand up to being fixed
> more permanently (double sided carpet tape came to mind, since that
> does a good job of gripping the soft rubber backing on carpet.)
> Can we ask what the original questionner is planning to put on the
> eggs?
> Jane

A poem, not long but probably too long to fit on a single stamp (at
least one stanza will have to go on the back of the egg). I've been
experimenting with single-letter stamps, though - trouble is, the ink is
not adhering well to the surface of the eggshell, it sort of floats on
top. We used to add vinegar to easter egg dyes; I wonder if that would

Thank you all for your wonderfully inventive ideas! I now have a long
list of things to try, and will let you know how it turns out.


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