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Mix the Jade 403 with methyl cellulose (50/50) for charming adhesive


BO>I hope someone will be able to help me with my PVA dilemma. I've been using
BO>PVA by Planatol which worked great  but made me really dizzy even when
BO>working in a well ventilated area. A friend suggested Jade, claiming it
BO>contained no formaldehyde. I've tried it but find it terrible to work with.
BO>It doesn't spread well, dries the second I put it in the board, and once I
BO>get something covered  the gluelines show through the bookcloth. Is there a
BO>trick to using it? Can anyone suggest a PVA that is formaldehyde-free  (if
BO>something like that exists) and works well?

BO>        Stephanie

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