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Re: The Life of Edward the Confessor (fwd)

 Beth Priestley sent this message a while ago.  Was anyone able to get to
this website - I just tried and received "invalid syntax" message.

Thanks,  Colette Vosberg

> >The Life of Edward the Confessor
> >http:www.lib.cam.ac.uk/MSS/Ee.3.59/
> >
> >Cambridge University library has recently made available online "the
> >copy of a thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman, illuminated Life of St.
> >the Confessor".  The manuscript, written in the 1230s or 40s and
> >in the 1250s or 60s, is well-preserved, and its new availability should
> >a boon for medievalists.  Cambridge's site allows users to page through
> >37 folios, beginning with the first, or to obtain descriptions of each
> >folio and view them selectively.  Users can zoom in on all or part of a
> >page or view pages side-by-side.  The site also includes a brief
> >introduction to the manuscript and suggestions for further reading.

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