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Re: Printing On Eggshells and Other Surfaces

A "low-tech" method for transfering text onto objects was taught to me by
Keith LoBue who uses a lot of old text in his work.  This method works best
with good quality, older, fibrous paper, so if you're using a printer to print
out the text, use a good bond paper.
1-Wet the paper and turn it face down onto a piece of glass
2-Gently rub off backing of the paper-VERY GENTLY-until the point wher the
paper is almost transluscent and you have just the text itself.
3-Use acrylic medium which has been slightly watered down and brush it thinly
onto the surface of the egg.  Place your wet text paper over  over the surface
to be covered and it should soak in and almost dissappear so only the text
You can smooth it down with a brush and a little more acrylic medium mixture.
Hope this method works for you!

Sharon McCartney <lilypeek@xxxxxxx>

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