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Re: Printing on eggshells - setting type

In a message dated 7/21/98 6:50:15 AM EST, wspace@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

 A poem, not long but probably too long to fit on a single stamp (at
 least one stanza will have to go on the back of the egg). I've been
 experimenting with single-letter stamps, though - trouble is, the ink is
 not adhering well to the surface of the eggshell, it sort of floats on
 top.  >>

Oh, finally my area of expertise.  You can use a pigment ink and emboss it
with powder and a heat source, or a permanent ink (a comotion brand from
Michaels will work.)  The generic pads sold at office supplies, or even
standard stamping pads from the craft stores, are water based.  If they say
Pigment, they need to be embossed.  The Fabrico or Crafters brand inks will
work if you dry them with a heat gun or pop em in the oven for a few minutes.
They will pool on the egg shell.  But you can find an ink that will work.  You
can also have a custom stamp made for about  $10 with your whole verse on it.

(rubber stamp company owner)

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